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 This site is being brought to you because we believe you have simpathized with the good idea we had.

Everything that is written and is available here has its origin on a healthy e happy entertainment. We have absolutely no intention to depreciate any institution, state-owned or private, national or foreign, aiming or not any lucrative ends... More yet, we have no intention to take advantage over the success or disgrace of these very same institutions.

This way, we'd like you, our guest, to have in mind some of our conventions:


1 - None of our creations have any judicial, financial or social links with any soccer institution.

2 - We do not have a trademark. So, anyone who wants to take advantage of our ideas, and have some self-promotion over them, will have full freedom to do so. Although, we reserve ourselves the right to ask for the kindness of maintaining our ideas intact, on its moral and informatical sense.

3 - The word FIFA, the way it is indicated on this site, means "Férias de Inverno Football Association" (Portuguese words for "Winter Vacations Football Association"). We declare and emphasize the fact the we have absolutely no liaison with international soccer most important insitution, FIFA (Federation Internationalle de Football Association). We emphasize on the 1st paragraph of this text, about the no existence of any links between the creators of this site and any soccer institution.

4 - This way, every time the word FIFA is written on our site's pages, it means strictly, and means only, "Férias de Inverno Football Association".

5 - The Mesa Organizadora (Organizer Table), group of friends which manages this site, declares itself open for talking with those who disagree with these paragraphs.


We from the Mesa Organizadora thanks a lot for your attention on these very important paragraphs !


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