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As we have said before, the M.O. is a group of friends which organizes the championships of video-game. We're some Brazilian guys looking for some cheap fun on our winter vacations (remember: Winter vacations on Southern Hamisphere is on July !). Most of us leave on Brazil's greatest city, Sao Paulo.

Many other friends have already met with us, and keep meeting, to have a delightful night with lots of video-game soccer matches and delivery food !

Let's talk about all those who have already played with us (in alphabetical order).




This 20 years old guy studies Medicine in MED-ABC College (located in Sao Paulo's neighbour city Santo Andre). He's main physical characteristic is a huge head above his neck !

He always surprises the other players. Always begins the Championship with poor games and finishes on the 3rd and 4th place match !

We begin to suspect he's the protagonist of a recent success of the Brazilian popular music: "Mineirinho", of the samba-group "So pra Contrariar".

Send e-mail for this future Doctor: .



Fabrício is 21 years old and studies Mechanical Engineering on Mackenzie College.

As a video-game soccer player, Fabrício definitely ain't any threat. He plays a really poor VG soccer and have never been to the semi-finals !

Although, Fabrício have already made his fame with this few words. He's gonna be very pleased to receive your e-mail: .



They have played only once, in 2nd WCVG. They've both substituted our friend Flavio, who couldn't meet us in that ocasion. But for practical problem, their names weren't included in our data files.

But we wouldn't finish their description with just a paragraph. There's a lot more about these two fine girls.

Although it was their first experience in VG Soccer, they've made their way through the 1st Phase, and conquered a glorious last but one place, with no VG Soccer experience at all !

Fernanda is Fabrício's younger sister, and a long time friend of our group. She studies Publicity in Mackenzie College. If you want to say something to her, send an e-mail on the same address for Fabricio, that is: .

Sil is a more recent friend, but not less loved. She studies Psychology, also on Mackenzie !



Caio's brother, he's a novice of FAAP's Businness Management College. Within the genetic aspect, Flavio shares encephalic physical characteristics (that means he also has a huge head above the neck !)

On real-life soccer, in the flesh, Flavio reveals himself an extraordinary goal-keeper, making unimaginable defenses and absolutely upseting for who attacks.

On VG Soccer, made of bytes and joysticks, Flavio is a horrible goal-keeper, suffering all sorts of goals, and making every game against him a delightful experience !

Being Caio's brother, Flavio shares with him (besides the encephalic volume !), the electronic adress: .


MALTA (Real name Luiz Gustavo)

Another Mackenzie student, this 20 years old guy studies Businness Management.

He may be considered VG Soccer's Germany: wins matches and championships but with absolutely no spectacle ! He's playing style is unbearable, but eficient ! He always upsets his opponents with his persistence on scoring goals playing ang ugly game !!!

He's two times champion of WCVG's, currently 2nd Place, and always a perilous adversary (may the stats tell this !).

He loves to send and receive e-mail. Write to him: .



Another Medicine student (on Santa Casa Medicine School), this fine guy is the leading gentleman of his College's Geriatry wing ! This guy, who attends to the nickname "Lixao" (something as "Big garbage"), collects some hot flirts from the older women who passes by the local rooms and laboratories !

He uses to have some fine successes on VG soccer. He have already counts a semi-final and a 3rd and 4th Place match in his virtual player Curriculum Vitae

He's always a pleasant guy to play against: he uses to lose or win with a low score (this way, he doesn't often depress his opponents with lots of goals, as does our friend Malta!)

If you want to send e-mail for the grannies idol, the address is: .



This one, not even God can explain... He just plays competitions because we don't make Qualification Championships ! If it weren't this way, he would never be more than a mere spectator !

He's VG soccer style is miserable ! He always makes his opponents the most happy men on Earth ! Even the worst players may feel themselves World Champions when playing against Marco !

We must keep some respect, anyway, because he's one of the guys who were responsible for putting this site on the world wide web !

If you have something to say to our friend-happinness-of-the-attackers, write to his address: .



Fabricio's cousin, Neto have competed with the rest of the group in the 3rd WCVG. He achieved an astounding success, making his way to the 3rd and 4th Place match, on his first participation on a Cup.

Neto currently leaves on Southern Brazil city of Curitiba, but will soon move to Sao Paulo.

We hope he brings his excelent VG soccer together when he moves to Sao Paulo.


PALILO (Real name José Eduardo)

This fatty guy, of nearly 110 kg. (242 pounds), Palilo is a walking contradiction (any similarity with Green Day's "Walking Contradiction" is mere coincidence !). Mainly in the VGSoccer related aspects !

20 years old, Palilo studies Businness Management on Fundacao Getulio Vargas. He made his way till the Final, and achieved 2nd Place on his very first competition ! Although, on the following Cups, his performance deteriorated and fell more than Japan's Nikkei stock exchange ! On the 3rd WCVG, he achieved a "glorious" last place (even Marco got a position in front of him, on that Cup's Ranking)

This guy is one of the creators of the WCVG's and co-author of this site. We hope that, as soon as possible, his VG soccer may be as fine as his creations for FIFA.

Send an e-mail for Palilo: .



Renato is Marcelo's younger brother. Similarly to his brother, Renato is known in this VG soccer world as "Lixinho" (something as "Little garbage").

He's also known as "brat" and "sick", for his precocious and extravagant ideas of a 13 years old boy !

Atlhough of his little age, this boy is a real genius, mainly on informatics. That's exactly why he's on of the co-authors of this site (more yet, the idea of creating this site was his, so, any grieve with this site's content, blame on him !!!)

With his mental agility of a teenager, Renato is capable of scoring real marvels of the world of VG soccer. There are plenty of hat tricks and goal-keeper-shooting on his Curriculum !

His 3rd WCVG Champion, on which Renato defeated the two times champion, Malta.

If you want to say something to our friend-brat-genius-hat tricker, send him some mail, on the same address for Marcelo: .


Well, we have already introduced ourselves !

If you want to communicate with any of us, you already have the address ! We'll all be very proud for receiving e-mails from our Internet and Video-game friends, and we'll love to keep a healthy and international conversation !

Now that we have already talked about us, tell us a little something about you !


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