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On this Download Area, you'll find the links to the files containing data about the Championships we've already made !

As you may see, if you download our files, the only one Championship for which we've not prepared data is the 1st Cup. This Championship was an exception, because we still weren't completely organized (not as we are now !). This way, there ain't statistics for this Championship.

We have decided, though, to consider the 1st Championship for the Ranking. This is the only kind of data related to the 1st Cup, and made available on this Download Area.

All other Championships, after the 1st have files full with data available below.

The files are in a format compatible with the programs wich are available on Microsoft Office 97™. If you don't have this version of the program, send e-mail to our address: , and ask us for the apropriate version. We'll be ready to send it to you !

We ask for the kindness of respecting the integrity of our files on its original way. We're making these files available for the fans of Video-game because we think these same guys may have some fun with the easiness of what we created.

We're just sharing with our Internet and Video-game friends an interesting idea we had. For this very same reason, we'd like to have our ideas preserved on their original way.

If you have any improvement sugestion, check our "Information and Sugestions" section on the main page. If you have built a new championship format, new statistic models, feel free to send us e-mail with your news. We guarantee we'll feel ourselves very happy with your attention !

If you still do not agree with these conditions, feel yourself free to get back to the main page .

Thank you very much for your attention on this short paragraphs. Following:



Tip: If you experience any kind of problems with the download of the files, right-click on the link of the file you wish. When the menu appears, follow the "Save destination as..." option. 

Tables for the World Cups of Video-Game

I want to download the Tables !!!


These are the tables you'll need to organize the Championships, sum the points and set the matches !



Report for the 2nd World Cup of Video-Game

I want to Download the Report !!!


With this one you'll have the statistic model we developed to analise the performance of te players and of the World Cup as a whole !



Report for the 3rd World Cup of Video-Game

I want to download the Report !!!


This time, the analisys file for the 3rd WCVG, similar to the 2nd WCVG one !



Acummulated Report

I want to download the Report !!!


This is a file with acummulated statistics for the 2nd and 3rd WCVG's. With it, you may have na idea about the history of the World Cups of Video-Game you and your friends have already made !




We'll keep this page under constant update. We'll bring you new tables and worksheets with data about the many Cups we will make ! We'll make available all the news about our works, and all the new versions for analisys files !


If you have any question, send e-mail to:


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